Sports Betting at GG.BET

Most will agree that it is so much more fun to watch sport matches when there is something on the line for you, personally. As an online bookmaker, GG.BET allows you to bet on more than a dozen sport disciplines with some of the best odds on the market.

Bet on What you Like

There is an enormous amount of different sports out there, and, while, obviously we cannot cover all of them, we strive to support as many competitive sports as possible. Among them are more popular games such as soccer, hockey and basketball, as well as smaller and less popular ones, such as futsal, volleyball and handball. Moreover, bookmaker GG.BET allows you to bet on both matches of the premier championships as well as wager on smaller regional tournaments.

And How You Like

GG.BET offers a big variety of available bet types. Depending on the game, the most common types are:

  • Winner and 1x2: the most common types, where you bet either on a winner or a draw
  • Handicap: one of the sides gets an artificial advantage, and you need to predict a winner
  • Total: you need to guess the final score, which will be over or under the specified number

However, if the basic options are not enough for you, look for a number next to your desired match. There, you will find all available lines. For some of the matches, it can exceed a few hundred!

Besides that, GG.BET supports Live betting; the ongoing matches are displayed at the top of this page. You can view statistics, head-to-head results, standings of the tournament and the game’s timeline — all online! Also, check the Outright section if you want to predict the final results of upcoming championships.

What else is there?

Our Sports section is built to be as user-friendly as possible. Here, you can sort matches by game and timeframe, add them to favourites, check top upcoming matches, manage your betting slip and view available bonuses. For your convenience, we also have a Statistics section, where you can find useful information on more than 30 games. There, you will find details on teams/athletes and tournaments.

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